Top 5 Best Toy Pianos For Babies in 2020 Reviews

Toddler grand piano buying guide and testToddlers love trying to play music, even though they may not be able to play properly. Even just being able to get notes out of an instrument can give your child a huge experience. So if you’re looking for a new toy for your child, or the opportunity for them to develop musical skills, then a toy piano would be a great choice!

Toddler pianos on Amazon

On this page, you will find the 5 best toy pianos available on the market. We’ll also give you information about toy pianos for toddlers in general.

Top 5 Best Toy Pianos for Babies

Best toy piano for baby (0-2 years old)

Best toy piano for 3 year old

Best toy piano for 4 year old

Vilac toddler grand piano

The Vilac toddler grand piano is probably the most popular piano for toddlers. The piano is available in many different colors. You can always buy it in black or red, but often “limited editions” are made, which means that, for a certain period, you can get your hands on other colors like: grey, flowered and pink. Vilac’s instruments and toys for children have always been popular in western countries and that’s for good reason. Vilac’s products are characterized by very high quality – both in terms of material selection and design. It is almost impossible for the child to destroy the toy piano and therefore you are assured of a high level of safety and durability.

Who’s behind Vilac’s piano?

Vilac is a French company based in Moirans en Montagne in the Jura region of France. Since 1911, the company has produced toys for children and their musical instruments have, in particular, received a lot of positive feedback. It is not very often that you can get hold of high quality musical instruments for children. For example, if you buy children’s musical instruments in Toys “R” Us, you are sure that it will probably break within a week. However, Vilac’s products are about lasting for life. I actually got a Vilac accordion and a Vilac piano as a kid. They were exposed to almost everything, but they still work perfectly today.

Vilac piano offer

Usually, the piano costs 100 dollars but you can sometimes be lucky to find the piano on offer. It is important to keep an eye on the various ecommerce stores. Sometimes they come on offer for the shops newsletter readers, other times you can find a discount code. On this website we always refer you to the shops that have the lowest prices and best deals, so you don’t have to spend time picking the best prices yourself.

Choosing a toy piano for baby

When buying a mini piano, you should be aware that the sound quality is not exactly top notch. Because of its size, it may not sound like a real piano. However, the deteriorated sound quality should not matter to you. The first priority for the toddler is to have fun with the music. This is where quality comes into the picture. A mini piano for children should be able to handle a little of everything. Therefore, the manufacturers  always produce pianos that can be thrown, pushed on, stepped on, etc.

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