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stage curtain and backdrop buying guide

A stage curtain is much more than a curtain for decoration. Especially when it comes to music and live use. Here, the stage curtain has both a visual effect and must also help the musician feel at home on stage.

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It is something that can help the audience remember the artist and exactly that concert. A stage curtain (also called a backdrop curtain) can make the stage stand out to the crowd if the curtain has a unique design. It also has many other purposes. If you are serious about your live performances, one or more stage curtains are definitely something to consider.

5 Best Stage Curtains

We have tested a large number of stage curtains, and assessed on the basis of criteria such as price, quality, durability and design. Here are our 5 favorites:

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Different types of stage curtains

Typically, musicians use two types of stage covers. The first type is a large and prestigious curtain.

It is called a backdrop, a stage curtain, or a molton curtain. Bands often do everything to show their name. Sometimes they also have a logo. Typically, you can see graphic print on the bass drum, and in some cases also on guitar and bass cabinets. Another and easier option, however, is to obtain this type of stage curtain, which is also called a backdrop. A stage is typically designed with a flat horizontal wall behind the musicians. This wall is basically “naked”, but bands and soloists often choose to bring their own curtain. These curtains are generally huge. They ensure that the audience gets a good view of what is written on the curtain, no matter where they are in relation to the stage. These backdrops are available in all sizes. So if you go with the idea of getting one produced and printed, then it is a good idea to take the approximate measurements at the venues where you normally perform. Thus, one is sure that one’s backdrop is never too big or too small. If one’s backdrop is the wrong size, it also seems a bit unprofessional, and in that case it is actually better just to leave it at home. One should keep in mind that it is all about appearance on stage.

A backdrop can now be bought quite cheaply. They are available with or without integrated lighting. It will only be expensive when you need a printed logo or want a specially made design.

The other type of stage cover is a rug, which has a basic and comfortable function. You often see that musicians make use of Persian rugs. There are several reasons for this. The first, and perhaps most basic is that it is nice to stand on. Many musicians feel that they play better when they feel comfortable. For this reason, many perform without shoes and only wearing socks, or even in bare feet. Here, the rug gives a comfortable (and warm) feel, which ensures that the musician is comfortable. Another feature is that the rug ensures a non-slip surface. When the guitarist, for example, steps on his pedals, he will not worry about slipping. You can often see this happen on ordinary smooth stage surfaces. It also means that the performers have a smaller chance of slipping and falling on stage! However, not all guitarists, bassists and the like make use of it, but in 99% of cases you will see that a drummer always has his own carpet. This is often the case if the venue does not offer anything. It is virtually impossible to play drums if the big drum slides farther and farther away each time he tries to play on the bass drum.

Choice of materials

Curtains must be ordered directly from a dealer if they must be made in a special way. So if you are an artist or band, you may want to have to name and logo on the curtain. The possibilities of materials, colors, styles, and more are endless. What they want is up to the artists themselves, as long as they just pay for it. But it is also possible to buy regular stage curtains in single colors, where you can then decorate as you wish. It works very well, and is the best option for those of us who aren’t millionaires.

Stage rugs for comfort are, as mentioned, typically the famous Persian rugs. They are often hand-sewn and of various materials that are usually seen in weaving. Probably the most popular are made of wool. However, these can be somewhat expensive, and since they are not bought as a visual expression, but rather to make a job more comfortable, you can easily look at imitation rugs. These are somewhat inferior in quality, but also do the job. Here you also have to remember that it will be a rug that you rarely get clean, as you stand and perform perhaps several times daily for several hours. Not much else matters except that it is comfortable to stand on, practical and does its job. The visual is often less important, but it is up to the artist himself and the visual expression he wants to give the audience.

Stage curtain buying guide

A backdrop sometimes has to be specially manufactured, but can just be bought as fabric or standard versions. There are several factors that affect the choice of backdrop, and many options that affect the curtain’s price. Among other things (and the most important one) that should be determined is how large your backdrop should be. Which material(s) do you want? Should it be of high and robust quality, or can it be compromised? Likewise, what colors do you want, and do you want the design to stand out from the rest? It is a very creative process and the possibilities are endless with the most skilled companies offering backdrops.

The price here starts at a couple of hundred dollars and goes upwards from there for an ordinary size stage curtain. However, be sure to order it on time. The companies are often busy, and although we live in a time where everything can be done on a computer, it still takes a while to produce a backdrop and stage curtains. Unless, of course, you just buy the fabric in a standard edition, which most people end up doing. Stage rugs (Persian rugs) are often quite expensive. However, they are not as popular as they once were, and therefore it is common to buy them used. Here you can find them at an affordable price. In fact, you can often find stage rugs for sale in second hand shops, and you even see people throw them out. It can make sense not to buy Persian rugs new. If you look up second hand rugs, you can get such carpets for less than $100, whereas the authentic new rugs come in many hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If, on the other hand, you have to buy a stage curtain/backdrop, we recommend you buy it new. This way, you know that the quality is good and that the design or color is your choice.

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