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Best piano bench buying guideThe piano bench is an absolute necessity if you have a piano or keyboard.  The stool can be adjusted by both height and angle, which means that the primary focus can be on playing the piano.

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If you are looking for a piano bench, then this page will cater for all your needs.  I have twelve years’ experience in the industry and I can give you concise and reliable information to help you purchase a quality product. It is important to choose the correct piano stool in order to enhance your playing experience, and this page will provide all the necessary information for you to make a considered choice.

Top 5 Best Piano Benches

To help you with your choice, I have tested and found the best piano stools currently on the market.

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Different types of piano benches, chairs and stools

To assist with your decision, here is some information regarding different models of piano benches that are currently available on the market.  There are three different types obtainable; larger piano stool in a bench style, single piano stool and a bench style stool more suitable for electronic keyboards.

Piano bench

This style usually features a padded seat and is adjustable to accommodate players of different heights.  It is designed so that two players may sit side by side to play together at the piano.  This is a wonderful feature for families and friends.

An example of this type of piano bench can be found at the top 5 benches.

Piano stool (single size)

This style is suitable for a single player and therefore does not have the flexibility of the bench type stool.  It may have a round or rectangular shaped seat and  is usually padded and comfortable.

An example of this type of piano stool can be found among our test winners.

Keyboard bench

Similar in design to the larger piano stool, but specifically designed for the flexibility of using an electronic keyboard.  This type of stool can accommodate more than one player and, indeed, could be used for a piano as well as a keyboard.  These benches are adjustable and foldable to save space.

A review of an excellent keyboard bench can be found among our test winners.

Piano bench buying guide

If we look more closely at the choice of piano stool (bench style) single piano stool or keyboard bench, there are some important factors that you should consider before purchasing.


There are a huge variety of design options available for piano stools, not only in the decorative sense, but also in respect of colours, and sizes.  A considerable aspect of this will be the buyer’s personal preference, so please browse through our available selections to find those that fit most closely with your décor.


It is also extremely important that your piano stool is fit for purpose.  This means that both single and bench style stools need to be adjustable and have a comfortable seat.  In addition, the keyboard bench can fold down if this is beneficial for you.


Another important consideration is price.  Many of the piano benches reviewed here are excellent value for money and are high quality products.  More specialised items or specific designs are available for an additional cost.


In addition, the quality of materials is another important consideration, as is the composition of materials used during construction.  Piano benches made from wood are sturdy and long lasting, as well as being extremely tactile and a pleasing piece of furniture.  Upholstery is available in a variety of materials, including leather as a top of the range choice.

Keyboard benches are, in general, rather more plain and utilitarian, with more modern lines and a minimalistic style.


Lastly, the brand design is an important factor.  The reputation and quality derived from different companies can play in important part in choosing your piano stool or bench.  Below is a list of highly reputable brands currently available on the market.

Roland: Roland has consistently produced first class, high quality products since its inception.  Their products are stylish and comfortable with sleek, classic lines.  Their piano stools and benches are made from the finest materials which are designed to last.

K&M König & Meyer: This iconic German brand has produced accessories for the music industry since 1949.  Their piano stools are some of the best in the world and they specialise in this area.

George Hennesey: This 12 year old Danish brand, George Hennesey, sells some of the market’s best piano and keyboard stools.  Their products have all the basic features and, in addition, the product quality is of an exceptionally high standard.  They also offer a huge range of colours and styles to suit all tastes.

North Star:This is a very exclusive brand at the top end of the market, generally in excess of $100.  However, the quality of these products is reflective of the relative expense and they have a large range of features available.

On-Stage: This brand, dating from 1979 has, for many years, developed some of the world’s best keyboard benches and stools. Their unique selling point is the impressive value for money to be obtained from their range of products.  Prices start from as little as $50 and they have an excellent reputation for quality as well as a large range of features obtainable.

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Best of luck purchasing your piano bench.

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