Top 5 Best Music Stands in 2020 Reviews

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Music stands are important for all kinds of musicians. Whether you are a violinist or a guitarist, you will need a good music stand; one that is for the right price and built with good quality.

There is not much to say about music stands, they’re hardly rocket science, and, therefore, I do not want to elaborate too much. Instead I will just show you the stands we have found to be the best during our comprehensive test.

Top 5 Best Music Stands

Stop thinking about choosing a music stand! We have tested and reviewed over 90 different products and you can be sure to find exactly the music stand you need below:

Best overall music stand

Best portable music stand

Best lightweight portable music stand

Best music stand for drummers

Best collapsible music stand

Best music stand light

If you need a lamp for your music stand, I will quickly recommend this one, which is easy to attach. At the same time it works really well.

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