Top 5 Best Guitar Cases & Guitar Gig Bags in 2020 Reviews

Guitar Case and Guitar Gig Bag Buying GuideWhen you’ve got a guitar, it’s really important to take good care of it. You’ll want to use your guitar as much as possible and so you’ll often need to transport it from A to B. Therefore, it is necessary to grab a guitar gig bag or a guitar case that can protect the instrument and provide comfortable transportation.

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There are two types of guitar cases, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The question is – which one to choose? We will explain this on this page but, first, we will show you our test winners.

5 Best Guitar Gig Bags

We have tested more than 50 different guitar gig bags to give you our ideas of ​​which guitar case is the best. We have found some for classical guitars, acoustic-electric guitars and electric guitars.

Best electric guitar gig bag

Best acoustic guitar gig bag

Best classical guitar gig bag

Best dreadnought gig bag

Best gig bag for stratocaster

5 Best Guitar Cases

We have tested over 50 different guitar cases. Here are our 5 test winners. There are some for every guitar type.

Best acoustic guitar case

Best electric guitar case

Best classical guitar case for air travel

Best Les Paul guitar case

Best guitar case for telecaster

Difference between guitar gig bag and a guitar case

There are two types of guitar bags used by guitarists. The so-called ‘gig bag’ (soft guitar case/bag) and hard cases (guitar case). Both are commonly used and most guitarists have both, as each one is good for different purposes.

The difference is that a guitar gig bag is made of fabric and is very easy to transport. It has, for example, straps that allow the guitarist to easily swing it on the back of the shoulder, and, for example, still be able to ride bike with the guitar. However, the fabric is relatively thin, so it also means that the guitar is not particularly well protected if, for example, you fall or have some other kind of accident. Therefore, it cannot be recommended if you need to transport your bag by airplane, or transport it in a car, where it will be crammed into a small area with other luggage.

Here, the solid guitar case can be recommended. A guitar case is, as the name suggests, a case rather than a gig bag. It is a little more difficult to transport than a guitar bag, as it has only one handle and no straps to carry. In addition, guitar cases are usually made of a hard material, which ensures that the guitar inside is protected from being dropped or by constant pressure from, for example, other things that moves back and forth inside a transport truck. Unfortunately, experience shows that transport companies, such as airlines, are not so great at taking care of the things they need to transport so it is important that you ensure that your instruments are as well protected as possible. A guitar case is therefore much more hardy/rugged than a guitar gig bag, and if you can settle for a case rather than a guitar bag, it is usually preferable.

However, there are some really fancy guitar bags that have room for more than one guitar. With these, you can have more than one guitar on your back and it is super smart. It is clear that it will be somewhat heavier for the back, and you have to be careful about that (many guitarists already have back problems), but if you only transport two guitars every so often, then they are amazing. The most well-known and respected company making 2-guitar bags is the company MONO. MONO also make bags that are waterproof, which is really important. Most bags are not waterproof and a guitar can be damaged by water. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a little extra money if you need a guitar bag and then get a waterproof one.

Choosing a guitar case & gig bag


Guitar gig bags and guitar cases are made with many different materials. The most normal is that guitar bags are made of polyester and guitar cases are made of wood, covered with fabric, if the only effect is to make the case look better visually. Exactly what material a guitar gig bag is made of does not matter. The most important thing is that it is well-padded so that the guitar is firmly seated in the guitar case so it cannot move. Moreover, it is clear that the thicker the bag is, the better, since there is more protection in case of a fall or collision. Don’t worry about what material it is made of (unless you go for the special waterproof material), but more about how comfortable it is and how well it protects the guitar.

Price and quality

Guitar gig bags are available in a large selection and also in a large selection of price ranges. When it comes to guitar bags and guitar cases, it is not necessarily the price that determines the quality. The most important thing is how well they protect you guitar, and many expensive bags does not protect as well as cheap ones. Be aware that a guitar case that says Fender or Gibson on the case, costs about three times as much as a (completely similar) case of an unknown/less prestigious brand. You can save a lot of money if you don’t get into the brand race, and ultimately it is just a bag, so whether it is one or the other does not mean as much as it means when choosing guitars as long as it protects your guitar well – which cannot be emphasized enough.

When you have to choose whether you need a guitar gig bag or a guitar case, our recommendation is that you look at your own needs. If you almost never need to transport your guitar, then a bag is the right choice. If, on the other hand, you often transport it and/or have it on a plane abroad, then the warmest recommendations will be a guitar case that protects far more (but this also requires that you have a car or can go from A to B, since a case has no straps to carry it on your back). However, if you want to bike home from music school or similar, I will recommend a guitar bag. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself which alternative is the smartest for you, since both types of guitar bags have advantages and disadvantages.

However, I would like to emphasize how much we recommend that you buy a waterproof guitar bag if you choose to go for a gig bag instead of a hard case. Maybe you don’t expect to be out in the rain a lot, but we all know how fast the weather can change, and then it is better to be safe! An expensive guitar case is after all somewhat cheaper than a new guitar or, at best, getting your guitar repaired!

Guitartaske junior

If you have a children’s guitar or a junior guitar, it is best to buy a guitar bag or guitar case that fits this size. Using a bag designed for an adult guitar is a bad idea as the smaller guitar will move around too much inside. It can be annoying to carry around because the top of the bag falls down. If you have a guitar case for an adult guitar, you will quickly find that it is not at all possible to place a children’s guitar in it. We recommend you always buy a bag that fits your guitar size.

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