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The electronic drum kit has revolutionized the way the drummer can practice, as well as revolutionized the way we record drums in the studio. There are a number of advantages to using electronic drums, but there are also disadvantages. On this page, I will tell you everything that is worth knowing about electric drum sets. You will be more knowledgeable about the instrument, and I will also show you the best drum kit on the market.

Top 5 Best Electronic Drum Sets

There are thousands of electric drum kits that you can choose from, and it can be hard to figure out which one you should buy. Below are the drum sets that I recommend. You will find a beginner set, a set for band practice, and a set for experienced/professional drummers.

Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners

Best Electronic Drum Set for Intermediate & Advanced

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Best Electronic Drum Set for Recording

Best Kids Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set for Apartment

Electronic Drum Set vs. acoustic drum set

The sound of electric drums differs significantly from the sound of acoustic drums, as electronic drum sets use pre-recorded samples which are played when the drummer strikes a given pad (electronic drum). Many high quality electronic drums respond to how hard the drummer strikes and then adjusts the sound accordingly. However, it is not possible to get an electronic drum set to sound – or feel like – an acoustic drum set.

Space efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of the electronic drum kit; electronic drums generally occupy far less space than acoustic drums. They are lighter, more easily stored, and easier to transport. Electronic drum sets are great practice sets, as they can be used in very limited space – for example, in a bedroom, a living room, or in a rehearsal room.

The volume level of electronic drum kits is the primary reason for their popularity, as they make very little noise. Compared to acoustic drums, electronic drums are much friendlier to their surroundings. Electronic drum sets are not completely silent, however, as many believe. The sound from striking the rubber pads can be heard, but not so much that you are thrown out of the apartment! The only issue with noise is that the set’s bass drum pad stands on the floor and is played with a traditional kick pedal. The sound goes directly to the floor, but the vibrations can be absorbed by placing the electronic drum set on a blanket or rug on top of a pad or foam mat.

The sound adjustment possibilities causes the electronic drum set to be the instrument of choice in many recording studios. This is especially true in genres such as pop, rap, most electronic music, and even some metal bands. The sound quality of electronic drums varies, as it is built on samples, as mentioned above. But many sound engineers prefer to mix a drum set, giving you far greater control over the sound. In addition, you avoid having to set up microphones used to record an acoustic drum set, which is often considered to be one of the most troublesome and time-consuming instruments to record. However, many drummers refuse to use electronic drum kits for recordings, as the sound can become “impersonal” and mechanical; but virtually everyone agrees that electronic drum kits are great when practicing or simply recording demos.

Who should buy an electric drum set?

Electronic drum kits are great for practice and the sound is very easy to control. Therefore, electric drums are ideal for beginners and drummers who do not have the experience of tuning drums and just want to start playing. They are easy to set up, do not require much space, and there is a significantly lower risk of giving themselves or their parents tinnitus. Electric drums are not only suitable for beginners, however, but also for skilled and even professional drummers who need a practical, small set to practice on and who do not have the patience to drive to and from the rehearsal room every time the desire to play comes. In addition, electric drum sets are ideal for recording demos, as many electric drum kits have a built-in recording function, so the drummer can quickly send ideas to the rest of the band without having to record an acoustic drum set on a smartphone.

Electronic drum set parts

The module is the brain of the drum set. The electric drum set sounds exactly as good as the module allows, as this is the computer that contains all the drum set sounds. The module is used to switch between different sounds, adjust the volume, mix the different drums, and this is where all the cables are connected. Quality and price go hand-in-hand when it comes to electric drum modules, but even cheaper brands like Ringway produce high quality modules.

Pads make up the set of drums. These will often be about 8″or 10″ in diameter to save space. In addition, the size of pads does not matter because an 8″ pad can easily play sounds from an 18″ floor frame or even a 26” bass drum. But it is clear that the feel is a bit different than an acoustic drum set. Many pads are made of rubber, which gives a lot of rebound and makes the drums more sensitive than acoustic drums. All the pads on the set feel identical, making the set even easier to play on. Most pads are dynamic in the sense that they can feel the difference of whether the drummer strikes hard or soft and whether rhythm shots or normal beats are played. The pad then transmits the signal to the module, which produces a sound similar to what is being played.

Mesh skin and mesh heads for electronic drum sets are found primarily on more expensive sets, in which all pads are covered with them, but they are also available on cheaper electric drums, where only the snare drum pad has a mesh skin. Mesh skins give a much more realistic feel when playing on the drum, as the skin can be tightened and loosened – just like on an acoustic drum. Some advantages of mesh skins is that they are even quieter than pads made of rubber and that the softer surface will not injure the drummer’s wrist if played over a long period of time.

Electronic cymbal pads often make more noise than normal pads. These are often round or shaped like cake layers. The set of cymbal pads are placed on racks reminiscent of acoustic cymbal racks, and the tension on them can be adjusted to give the cymbal toad a more realistic feel. Many cymbal pads have different sensors in them, so they can feel the difference between playing on it as a roll, crash, or repetitions. Some cymbal pads can even “choke” just like acoustic cymbals. This is done by squeezing together on a rubber plate that sits under the cymbal pad.

Electronic hi-hats also comes in various forms and functions. Cheaper electronic hi-hats resemble empty pads completely, but the difference is that these can also be controlled with a pedal. The pedal acts as if it were an acoustic hi-hat. When you step on the pedal and play the hi-hat, the sound will be shorter as the toad simulates that the hi-hat is closed, and if you release the pedal, it sounds like the two hi-hat cymbals strike against each other, just like on an acoustic hi-hat. The hi-hat pad can also be activated by playing the pedal, and some sets even provide different sounds, depending on whether you play with the entire foot or only with the heel. Single, more expensive electric drum sets are available with two separate hi-hat pads, which are placed on a traditional hi-hat stand where the two pads can be physically controlled. The feeling of this kind of hi-hat is considerably more realistic, and it is easier for the drummer to control.

Electronic bass drum pads vary widely from set to set. Some e-drums have a pad that is placed on a low stand to mount a traditional kick pedal. This solution clearly gives the most realistic feeling and the best sound, but it is also the solution that makes the most noise. Most of these pads are wide enough to be used with a double bass drum kick pedal, but it is always important to examine it to be on the safe side. Some drum kits just come with an extra pedal that looks like the pedal for the hi-hat toad, but that functions with the bass drum. This solution feels very different from an acoustic drum kit, but it is often the best solution if you have very sensitive parents or neighbors or if you live in an apartment.

Electronic drum racks are the electronic drum set hardware. Many acoustic drum sets also use racks, but for electronic drums it is standard hardware. A rack is often lighter, as well as faster and easier to pack up than a large stack of racks. Racks for electric drum kits are often made of a lighter material, as electronic pads do not weigh as much as acoustic drums and pads made of wood and metal. Most racks for electronic drums have four feet, and all sets have holders for both domestic, mini-drum, and cymbal pads. These can easily be moved around so that they sit perfectly. Most heights and angles on the parts of the set can often be adjusted so that drummers of all ages can play on the set.

Electronic drum set features

An electric drum set has a number of functions that differ in many ways from the acoustic drum set functions. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Triggers: all pads on the electric drum kits have built-in triggers, which are the mechanisms that activate the already recorded sound when turning on a particular pad. Triggers can, however, also be obtained as separate components, which can be mounted on acoustic drums. When used on acoustic drums, triggers respond to the vibrations of the skin and transmit a recorded sound through a module and out to the mixer. This method is particularly useful for pop drummers, who will use many different sounds which are often very synthetic and cannot be achieved using acoustic drums. Another case in which triggers often occur is with bands within the more extreme genre of heavy metal. Here, triggers are often used on the bass drum to provide a more consistent and continuous sound, so the fast rhythm with double pedals does not sound muddy. An electric drum set has triggers inside the various pads, and many pads even have several triggers in them. The cymbal pads are a good example of this, as they must be able to react differently, depending on where the toad is struck, and how hard it is struck. Triggers are becoming more and more advanced and sensitive, but in most cases you will still be able to hear the difference between acoustic drums and drums in which the sound is activated through triggers.

Headset and monitor: Electric drum kits can be connected to normal headsets, monitors and even PA systems. By connecting electronic drums to a PA system, the drum set is used for live concerts, where the sound can easily be mixed directly from the set module. This saves a lot of time and energy for the sound check, and since electronic drums are not very loud, they can be good to have on small sets, where acoustic drums and cymbals often “bleed” into the singer’s microphone. However, electronic drum sets hardly look like rock’n’roll as do acoustic drums, but there are some drum kits built to look like acoustic sets. The many possibilities for the sound output and control and volume make the electric drum set great to carry into the rehearsal room with the band, and is just as good as the acoustic if you just practice at home with a headset on.

Percussion pads: An interesting addition to any acoustic or electronic drum set is the so-called percussion pad. A percussion pad is a drum module with built-in pads that the drummer can use to activate both samples, click tracks, and use to count a song. Most percussion pads can receive files from one’s computer, so you can record different sounds yourself and later play them live using this pad. It is normal to use it to activate flaps, cow bells, or other sounds that are not always available on an acoustic drum set.

Electronic drum set buying guide

As previously mentioned, some electronic drum sets sound better than others, and the sound quality varies greatly depending on the quality of the module. If you are going to start learning to play drums, the sound may not be as important as it is to a professional, but it is important to have quality sound, as poor sound is not particularly motivating for a novice. In terms of volume, it is worthwhile to get to know your neighbors if you live in an apartment. Many may complain about electric drums, which make use of the more traditionally inspired bass drum pad, while others are not bothered by it. If you want to be on the absolute safe side, it is a good idea to acquire an electronic drum set with a bass drum kick pedal that does not physically strike a pad, but instead activates a sound by simply pushing it down. As previously mentioned, this solution does not feel like an acoustic drum set, but if it can potentially save one from being homeless, the possibility must be considered 😉

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