Top 5 Best DJ Headphones in 2020 Reviews

dj headphones buying guideWhenever a DJ plays, whether it be live in front of a large noisy audience or at home in the studio, they need a good pair of DJ headphones. A pair of good DJ headphones ensures that you can always hear all the nuances of the music and always be ready to adjust and correct what you’re playing when needed.

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There are a variety of DJ headphones in different price ranges and you may find it a bit of a jungle finding exactly what’s best suited for your needs. So, what should you really look for when buying a pair? We will look into this further on this webpage but, first, here are the results of our product tests, for those of your who don’t have time to read everything we have to say.

Top 5 Best DJ Headphones

We have tested over 90 different DJ headsets and now we will show you our 5 test winners. You will find some in different price ranges, so there should definitely be something that suits you and your budget!

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DJ Headphones Buying Guide


Firstly, have a thing what you need these headphones for. DJ’s typically have two jobs: at home in the studio and “on the road” for a concert. However, not all DJs go out and play live and, if you don’t, it’s not necessarily the same headphones you have to go for. Typically, in such cases, you will be able to get some which do the job for less money. Decide what your needs are now and what your future goals are and then decide whether you want to go for one or the other. If you think for the future then you won’t have to upgrade to more suitable headphones further down the line.

You may be familiar with this way of thinking when you buy musical instruments. For example, when you buy a keyboard you carefully consider what you need from the instrument. The way you use the product determines the type of headphones you need to buy.


The first and most important thing when choosing DJ headphones is the comfort. You will spend an incredible number of hours in company of your DJ headphones, so make sure they don’t irritate or cause you any discomfort as, otherwise, you will get tired of them very quickly. Typically, people prefer when they are soft and loose to wear but others prefer when they sit tight and/or have harder ear pads. This way, they don’t rattle a little back and forth, which is annoying to anyone. It’s all very individual, so try yourself; no way is more correct or wrong.


The sound that a DJ headset reproduces is of course also alpha and omega. It is important that your DJ headphones cover the whole sound spectrum. This means that it reproduces the sounds well both in the bass and in the treble areas. Many cheaper DJ headphones reproduce only one of these areas well. It is better to get a pair that reproduce both frequency ranges fairly well than a pair that only reproduces one of them perfectly. You have to remember that what you sit and mix is ​​a full song; you are not just a bass player who has to concentrate solely on the bass, you have to cover it all! What you need to look for is a wide spectrum of sound frequency. The wider the frequency range, the more of all you get (this will be reproduced and described when you read about the DJ headphones online).

Hardiness and quality

Let’s be honest. Although we all try to take good care of our things they will, over time, take a bit of a beating whether we want it or not. So, make sure your DJ headphones are tightly connected. It must be able to withstand some damage, within reason. Just think of how much a DJ fumbles around with his headphones during a concert; first on, then off, with that wire getting tangled around itself and the DJ. It’s quite normal, but still give it a thought when you go shopping for your own DJ headphones.

Closed-back DJ Headphones

It is important that your headphones are closed-back. This means that no sound is emitted from the outside into your headphones. You will only be able to hear the music in your DJ headphones, not any external noise, like someone talking to you. It cannot be said too many times how important this is and you should always go for closed-back headphones. Just think of this scenario: you are at a concert with several thousand shouting people. You have made a mix of a song that has to go from one over to another, but it is super important that it is at the right time. You put on your headphones and are ready to hear your cue but, since they are not closed, you can’t even hear the music, because people are shouting, and then everything goes wrong. It’s a horror scenario, but it happens in real life, so make sure you have closed headphones!


For some, design is important, for others not so much. The design can have a role in choosing headphones. Musically, it has no effect, but a pair of good-looking headphones is always nice, especially if you want to create an image when you play live. However, you must consider this in relation to their durability. As you’d expect, the headphones that focus on being beautiful seem to be much more fragile. It sometimes seems as if the manufacturers have forgotten about the durability and, instead, only focused on making them as visually appealing as possible. Be aware of this when choosing your headphones.

Price and brands

There are a lot of brands out there, with more emerging over the last few years. Many people have started producing as the popularity of electronic music has grown exponentially. Due to the, now greater, competition among the manufacturers, there are actually a lot of really good beginner headphones for a very reasonable price. You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get started. Brands such as AKG, Monster, Sony and Pioneer are all really decent. For beginners, they are typically available in the range 100 dollars and upwards. Headphones are one of the few things we recommend you rarely ever buy used, and so our price guide is only for new products.

What makes a pair of DJ headphone the best for you is a very individual thing. The best DJs in the world don’t always use the same ones – there isn’t a make of headphones that is the best. We recommend that you pick a few and try them out; this way you quickly find out what feels most natural for you.

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